Why wireless?


Quick Connectivity
Most connectivity alternatives (including ADSL) fail to provide in immediate change requirements of its users. This is mainly due to the long waiting periods applicable to installation. Wireless Online provides a fairly immediate solution and we guarantee installation and connectivity (within our coverage area) within 7 days of application.

Contention Ratios
Did you know that ADSL is contended (shared) at both the exchange then again at the ISP? That means you could be sharing your connection with hundreds of other users. Wireless Online offers 1:1 service for our premier subscribers to 1:16 on our uncapped options. This means that WO’s speeds are far quicker & reliable.

Synchronous High Speed Connectivity
Wireless Online can offer speeds up to 50MBps to our corporate clients. In additional we offer synchronous speeds to our corporate clients (equal upload & download speed).

Copper free
Wireless Online is proudly copper free. WO owns & manages the network from start to finish. ADSL providers use a third party copper network which susceptible to corrosion & cable theft.

Greatly Reduced Pricing
When comparing Wireless Online to a Fixed Diginet Line, the cost of connection between two points brings about a cost saving of up to 65% in favour of our service. Consequently it has the potential to bring more people on-line at a substantially lower cost per user.

Scalability on Demand
Requests for upgrades, or increases in bandwidth as a result of fluctuating requirements, can be done for random periods of time with no hardware or line reconfiguration, within one business day of application.

Personalised Packages & Service
Wireless Online offers a package that is customised to your business needs. In addition we offer personalised support to your business & we have dedicated support personnel ready to keep your business connected!

Wireless Online gives you mobility, and instead of receiving voice, data and video over fixed lines, it would be delivered over the radio frequency spectrum, allowing for connectivity (including multiple connections) across the signal range.

Remote Area Connectivity
Wireless Online can serve areas currently lacking the infrastructure required to provide next generation Internet services.

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